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Like venture type, categorizing resources by stage is also an imperfect science. Check out the categories below and see which sounds the most like you
We're just starting out!


You have an idea for a venture, but you still need to launch it to the world
  • Not incorporated
    Legally incorporated as a business venture in your state of choice
  • No users/customers
  • Just the cofounder(s)
We're an incorporated venture!


You've set up the team and are actively promoting what you do
  • Incorporated
  • Some early power users
  • A small but solid team
    You've recruited past just the founding team
We're operating and serving users!


You're actively serving customers or users in your initial markets
  • Traction or revenue
  • Solid users/customers
    For nonprofits, you are actively serving your target population
  • All the team you need
We're ready to grow!


You've been around for a while, and now are looking to expand
  • Conquered initial market
  • Dedicated customers
  • Looking to grow the team
Resources By Category

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Resources By Stage

Which Stage Are You In?

Searching for Resources by stage can help you find those that fit best with your needs. See which stage sounds the most like you:
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We're passionate about making entrepreneurship more accessible to different founders, including Women, Black Founders, Students, Veteran Founders, and more.
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Not all ventures will fit neatly in these three categories, so pick the one that sounds like the most accurate description of your venture.
High-Growth Startup
If you plan to scale your for-profit venture globally, pursue Venture Capital, or "exit" your company, you probably want to look at high-growth startup resources
Explore Growth Startup Resources
Small Business
If you plan to keep your venture local, pursue traditional business financing, or run the company privately forever, small business resources might serve you well
Explore Small Business Resources
If your venture is all about community impact, you are a registered 501(c)(3), or plan to accept donations, nonprofit resources are probably a good fit
Explore Nonprofit Resources
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